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We’d love to have you. Join our team of innovators, making a difference in underserved areas and awakening the consciousness of girls that there is more to life than just reproduction.

There are different capacities and departments you can volunteer in.

Manages day to day operations necessary to achieve 0ur set objectives. Also Responsible for directing activities and the use of resources. The team directs fund raising efforts, monitors government regulations and guides public policy.

Develops and implements a comprehensive communications plan to support organizational objectives related to fundraising, program delivery, branding and organizational development. Identify opportunities and strategies to drive further organizational development. Plan and measure success toward goals.

Regularly monitor donor websites and identify and inform donor opportunities matching the work of the organization. Assist the Director in writing concept notes, project ideas and project proposals and ensure their timely submission. Organize activities to raise funds or otherwise solicit and gather monetary donations or other gifts for an organization. May design and produce promotional materials. May also raise awareness of the organization’s work, goals, and financial needs.

To eradicate poverty through Female Inclusion in Tech, Education and Renewable Energy


How we fill the gap


To help the visibility of women, it’s important they solve the major problems that are existent. More so, it’s essential that women are a part of this solution.

Tech Inclusion

To stimulate a forward thinking mind set with a view to preparing the girls for the future they will mature into.


Provide scholarships towards education to girls

Alternative Energy

Teach Renewable Energy to young girls and women through the art of Story telling

Support us to equip female individuals in underserved areas with the skill sets required to thrive and be of value