Initiate a campaign

Step 1

Locate an underserved commune where girls lack access to education and decide to change their narrative. Take pictures, interview them and document it for reference and fundraising purposes

Publicise and start getting funds to sponsor education for underserved girls. Put the word out through family, friends and colleagues. Remember that the more people that know about it, the more impact you’re likely to make.

Asking for their donations instead of gifts on your special day is an effective way to raise funds too. Be rest assured that you’ll still be given gifts.

Step 2

Step 3

Track your funds by being a hands-on volunteer. Be rest assured that 100% of funds you’ve raised will be channelled towards educating underserved girls and empowering the women. Because we report back to you with information about girls and women you’ve helped.

What will you do to ensure there is access to education for the underserved girl?
Support us to equip female individuals in underserved areas with the skill sets required to thrive and be of value